imagesPhoto: Hideaki Hamada

Eastern KagawaNakayama Rural Kabuki

imagesPhoto: Hideaki Hamada

imagesPhoto: Kazumasa Harada

Nakayama Rural Kabuki is a traditional kabuki theater of Shodoshima Island, dating from the Edo period (1603–1868), that was performed as an offering to the local Kasuga Shrine. It is said that the island landlords, after praying at the Ise Shrine and while waiting for good seafaring weather, enjoyed kabuki in the Kamigata area (Kyoto and Osaka) so much they brought it back home. What makes the kabuki here unique is that, unlike professional kabuki performances, the actors, narrators (gidayu), makeup artists, and stage carpenters are all local residents.
The stage of Nakayama Kabuki is set in a traditional thatched-roof Japanese house, equipped with several kabuki theater devices.
Nakayama Rural Kabuki was designated as a Kagawa Prefecture Intangible Folk Cultural Property in 1975, and its stage was registered as a National Tangible Folk Cultural Property in 1987.

Cultural Property Category

Important tangible folk cultural property


From Tonosho Port: 25-minute bus ride to "Kasugajinja Mae" bus stop

Operating Hours

2nd Sunday of October, 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.