IslandsEnjoying Kagawa’s Wonderful Onsen

Since the Edo period, Kotohira has been known for providing accommodations for pilgrims visiting the nearby shrines and temples. Korin Chikakane used to operate a hotel in Kotohira, but in 1997 he created a hot spring resort by digging a well, tapping into this area’s natural hot springs to supply the naturally hot water to local hotels. There are now sixteen inns in the Kotohira Hot Springs area that use this water, stretching from the banks of the Kanakuragawa to the area near Konpira Shrine. Bathers have a choice of a variety of waters. Some of the baths are rich in sodium and calcium salts, while others have table salt and carbonic acid, or mild radioactivity. Some are effective against neuralgia, while others are good for gout. Pick the bath that is best for you! The Kotohira Hot Springs Festival takes place once a year.


Near JR Kotohira Station and Kotoden-Kotohira Station

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Please inquire with each facility.


Please inquire with each facility.


Please inquire with each facility.